An NFT project on the Cardano Blockchain.

The Slav Cat NFT


Main Policy ID: 94f7d4a9be15ae6da89d1a3f8e1089106dc92296241fa5c017eabd62

1050 hand picked tokens (manualy composed and not computer generated), + a few hundred Special tokens, each hand drawn and giving holders a posibility of surprises, such as getting real life art.

Apart from fun art and funky cats, Slav Cat NFT project also features Slavic/Baltic/Eastern European mythology and tales in a different and intriguing way!


Two creators work on this project, with help of friends and the community to maneuver any challenges


A professional artist and illustrator, always had an interested in taking art further and NTFs seemed like a logical road to take. Years of navigating social media and artistic projects.


Digital artist, NFT collector, comic and cartoon enthusiast. Years of experience in working on art and marketing projects.

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