An NFT project on the Cardano Blockchain.


Rarity is not defined in the Slav Cat NFT metadata for now, we are working on a posibility to add rarity to already minted Cats and to those that will be minted in the future.

In the meantime (the ability to add metadata will be determined by an update on a minting service we used), we created a list and listed the percentage of every variable that is available, so you can look up your Slav Cats traits and see how high on the rarity list it might be!

Wanna know how rare your Slav Cat is? Add up all 4 variable percentages and divide by 4, it´s that easy! Example:

Slav Cat 194 has a Dark Blue backround (6,09 %), a Baubas personality (0,76 %), Half Read fur colour (1,14 %) and a High facial expression (2 %). Now we add the %:

6,09+0,76+1,14+2=9,99, and now we divide that by 4, 9,99/4=2,5

This means that Slav Cat 194 rarity is 2,5 %!

There are a lot of variable traits for not such a large number of generic Slav Cats (special tokens are not taken into account because they do not have traits that could be comparable), so almost all the cats come at very high rarity percentage!

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